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Cordless Phones Review

Why Get a Cordless Phone?

Cordless home phones have slightly declined in usage after the introduction of the cell phone, but they continue to evolve with advanced features that make them useful, even in our age of mobile devices.

Cordless phones have a slew of convenient features. For instance, several models have a built-in intercom so you can page a family member who may be in an entirely different section of your house. In an office setting, the intercom allows team members to quickly page each other about upcoming projects or meetings. Not to mention, these phones have a much longer battery life than mobile phones and have a lesser likelihood of dropped calls.

Some of the best models include base a speakerphone that is useful for large conference calls in a board room, or you can place it on the dining room table so you and your family can all participate in a call with grandma. Speakerphones on mobile phones tend to be much quieter and have lower audio quality than what these cordless phones provide.

A great feature that several cordless phones offer these days is the ability to pair with your cell phone via Bluetooth. This feature allows you to make and take calls using a handset that is larger and more comfortable than a tiny smartphone. Plus audio quality is much clearer with cordless phones compared to a smartphone.

Based on our research, we've ranked the Panasonic KX-TGE274S, the Panasonic KX-TG7874S and the Gigaset S820A as the best landline phones. For additional information, take a look at our articles on cordless home phones.

Cordless Phones: What to Look For

In order to find the best home phone on the market, we looked at several characteristics and features of cordless phones. It is extremely important that cordless home phones in today's world make use of Bluetooth functionality and seamlessly pair with your cell phone, boast outstanding battery life and have an array of adjustable features. And of course, it is imperative you choose a phone with a warranty and superb support from the manufacturer.

Phone Features
We analyzed various features of each cordless phone we reviewed. Most of the best cordless phones have the ability to pair with your cell phone via Bluetooth, which allows you to make calls with your cellular connection instead of using a landline. We looked at the average talk time and battery life of the handsets, which ranges from seven to 20 hours of talk time and between 5 and 11 days of battery life on standby. You want to pay attention to whether additional handsets can be added if you need them. Most phone sets come with just two handsets, but some cordless phone systems let you add up to 12 handsets. Other features we took into consideration were if the handset, base or both have a speakerphone. Base speakerphones tend to be louder than handset-based ones, and the microphones are clearer, resulting in a better sounding call for you and the caller.

Device Features
In choosing a cordless phone, consider the assortment of extra functions it offers, like Caller ID, conferencing and the ability to set alarms. With conferencing you can use separate handsets simultaneously so multiple people can speak to one another on a phone call. Conferencing comes in handy in the business world so you can bounce ideas off each other and offer feedback. Alarms are incredibly helpful in the kitchen or can serve as a wakeup call.

Models that pair with your cell phone usually have some kind of alert for when your phone receives a text message; however, only the best cordless house phones allow you to read the messages on the display, and some even let you transfer contacts from your smartphone directly to your handset.

Adjustable Features
Adjustable features give you a customizable experience with your devices. After all, we all use a cordless phone differently. These features range from adding phonebook entries from a handset, modifying the ringer volume, enabling a silent mode or just scrolling through the last numbers you dialed on the phone. The best cordless phone systems offer a wide range of customizable features to ensure you get just the experience you need.

Help & Support
Just as it is important with any device purchase, customer support and a warranty are both essentials for a cordless phone. Cordless phone manufacturers oftentimes offer support in the form of phone numbers, email addresses and even online chat. The best phone manufacturers have a FAQs section on their websites and make support easy to find and obtain.

Just like cell phones, cordless phones offer an array of features and adjustable settings that will affect how you can use them. Whether you plan to use it in the office or at home, this information will help you choose the best cordless phone for you, so you can stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues.